Teacher Baker

These books will help me in my future classrooms. This library will be an online resource for the future.

Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel

Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel 75th Anniversary - Virginia Lee Burton

This is a wonderful classic story by Virginia Lee Burton. The book is a level 4.5 according to Accelerated Reader. In the story, a steam shovel works great with his owner, but after a while the machine begins to run down and get old. Newer models replace the shovel, and he is taken to the dump. In the end, the shovel is saved by Mike. This is a great book for a reading center or to teach about acceptance. 

Old Hat New Hat

Old Hat New Hat (Bright & Early Books(R)) - Stan Berenstain, Jan Berenstain

Old Hat New Hat by Stan Berenstain is a 1.5 on the Accelerated Reading leveling system.  It is a silly story about a bear that is considering buying a new hat. He looks at many different options, but there always seems to be something wrong with each of them. Some are too itchy and some are too lumpy. In the end, the bear decides to keep his old hat because it is perfect. I would use this book with beginning readers or as a lesson in second grade rhyming. 

The Kissing Hand

The Kissing Hand  (Chester the Raccoon - Nancy M. Leak, Ruth E. Harper, Audrey Penn

This Kissing Hand by Nancy Leak, Ruth E. Harper, and Audrey Penn is a story about a raccoon that doesn't want to leave his mother to go to school. The mother raccoon kisses the hand of her child telling him that her kiss will stay there all day, and that she will be with him while he is at school. This comforts the little raccoon, and he is able to go to school happily. I would use this book at the beginning of the year to relax students. We could make hand prints and write five likes or five things to look forward to in school. The book is a 2.7 on the Accelerated Reading leveling system. 

A Bad Case of Stripes

A Bad Case of Stripes - David Shannon

A Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon is about a little girl named Camilla Cream. She is totally normal but worries too much about what other people think. She loves lima beans but refuses to eat them because she doesn't want to get made fun of. When she is getting ready for the first day of school, she breaks out in a case of stripes. These stripes evolve with her surroundings. During the Pledge of Allegiance she breaks out in stars and stripes. Doctors try to help, but nothings works. Finally, an old lady comes over with lima beans. Camilla eats them and is cursed. She continues to eat them with no care about what other people think. I would definitely use this in my classroom to teach acceptance. I could also use this book in a lesson to prevent bullying. This book is a 3.8 on the Accelerated Reading leveling system. 

If You Give a Pig a Pancake

If You Give a Pig a Pancake - Laura Joffe Numeroff, Felicia Bond

If You give a Pig a Pancake is a clever book written by Laura Numeroff. A little girl and pig are eating breakfast. The pancakes remind her of maple syrup which reminds her of the farm which reminds her of more and more. She is a very easily distracted pig. At the end of the story she is reminded of pancakes all over again. This book could be used with any grade between second and fourth grade. I could use this book for a lesson in sequencing of a story. I could also discuss cause and effect in a childlike setting. This book is a 2.5 on the Accelerated Reading leveling system.